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Building knitting machines since 1916, Vanguard has evolved from a small family business in Brooklyn to a joint venture partnership with Pai Lung, creating the largest, most diverse knitting machine manufacturer in the world.

Vanguard Pai Lung saw the textile trade shift from the US to Asia, and along with it, the technical expertise necessary to bring textile innovation to manufacturers and brands.

Fast forward to today, where the US consumer is demanding constant deliveries of new product creating a resurgence of the textile industry in the Americas. Vanguard Pai Lung recognized the need for technical textile support for both brands and manufacturers…and in May 2016, Wildfire Knit Works ignited.

A Division of Vanguard Pai Lung

Our Services


Technology is constantly evolving to improve the consumer experience. Let Wildfire guide you through fiber and yarn selection to maximize product performance and appearance.


Be inspired browsing through our infinite selection of knit constructions. Technical specs are available for each construction to duplicate in production.


Speed up your sourcing process by letting us identify the machines you need for production. Don’t waste time sending constructions to mills that are not able to deliver what you need.


Initial concept created on our virtual knit design system. Mechanical set-up is ascertained from the knit structure and may be knit down on production sized equipment for sampling and future duplication.


The majority of circular knit machines are not mechanical, which leaves all design variables vulnerable to misinterpretation. With our technical knitting specs, settings are documented in a universal language to drastically improve concept to production time.


To stay relevant In today’s competitive market, disruptive ideas and product differentiation are what ‘s keeping your brand or manufacturing facilities relevant. All IP developed at Wildfire, is securely held to maintain confidentiality.


The Knit Nerds

Mandi Strickland, Director of Product Innovation

Mandi (Left) holds a B.S. in Textile and Apparel Management and a Master’s Degree in Textiles from North Carolina State University. She began her career in textile manufacturing and has been working in product development in the textile and apparel trade for over 20 years. Having been involved in both manufacturing and product development, she brings a unique perspective to projects that recognizes the needs of both the manufacturer and developer for the most efficient sourcing and product production.

Mike Moody, VP of Product Innovation

Mike (Right) has been involved in circular and flatbed knitting development for over 20 years in his family’s business. From this, he has a wide scope of knitting expertise that is well regarded in the industry. Mike’s familiarity with the western hemisphere’s textile industry proves advantageous when looking to re-shore or develop product. He knows the advantages and limitations of manufacturers to match your product with the best mill possible, who has the equipment and resources you need.

The Team

The Handlers

May 19, 2017

Software Squad

May 19, 2017

Mechanical Gurus

May 19, 2017


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